2008 Karen Rush Band

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April/May ‘08-
We're just about finished recording the yet-to-be-named new album. Still to soon to say if it will be an EP or an LP (can you smell the vinyl?)...but it's lookin' like 7 juicy tracks of goodness. Also, new dates are up on the calendar.  We'll be back at our new favorite LA club - The Mint on May 17th (thanks to all the crazy doctahs and peeps who helped make our last show there so slammin!) And, then at the House of Blues in June....niiice!  

February / March ’08 -
So we’re back in the studio!  Working hard  on the new record due out early this summer.  We’re having a birthday bash at The Mint on Saturday, March 1st where we’ll be debuting 3 new songs!  It’s practically a brand new set - and it sounds awesome. We’ll keep you posted...and will post samples on My Space soon. 

November / December ’07 -
The calendar is up!  Our first show in L.A. will be at the Cat Club on Monday, 12/3. (Thanks, Ian!).  Be sure to print out the flyer for a discount at the door.   We’ll be breaking in some new songs which I’m really excited about.  See you at the shows!


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